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Creating a Landing Page

Site development is carried out from "scratch" on a "turnkey" basis. You will receive a completely ready-to-advertise site. I will also help with advertising.

from 7 days / from $150
Quick result
Launching a LandingPage will allow you to quickly get "leads" (sales/orders/subscriptions, whatever).
Depth and correct accent
Your product or service will be presented as accurately, profitably and attractively as possible.
High conversion
Landing page allows you to get one of the highest conversion rates. Depending on the industry, price and uniqueness of your offer, leads can reach 20%
Increase in profit
Quick sales allow you to quickly increase profits. This is especially important for a newly opened business / startup

Landing Page – what’s the point?

A landing page is the best solution if you need to sell/promote one or more products/services.

By its type, a landing page is a landing page that prompts a visitor to place an order, write an application, call or perform any other action required for your business. The main feature of LandingPage lies in the maximum concentration of attention to the product or service offered on the site.

Usually, traffic to such sites comes from advertising where users are already an interested audience. And after visiting your site, where the advantages of buying/ordering it from you are shown, a person willingly leaves an application, sends contacts or even makes a purchase. Yes, your Landing Page will be able to accept one-click payments if needed 😉

Get to know your site better
The design is developed taking into account the needs and goals of the project, the product to be sold, and the characteristics of the potential audience.
This parameter is one of the most important for a selling site. The visitor does not have to wait long. Your landing page will be opening and selling faster than your customers think.
The site will work equally well on any device, even on a push-button phone, the main thing is that the gadget is online and can access the Internet in general :)
Your site will collect applications like mushrooms after a warm rain. And seriously, the form will have exactly all the fields you need for successful sales (Name/Phone/Mail...)
All orders from the site will be sent to e-mail. But if necessary, they can "fly" to the Google table. Where you or your managers can process them.
If you wish, I will make it so that absolutely all orders from the site will be duplicated for you on Telegram. Always keep your customers' contacts close at hand.
Some developers like to "sell" it as an additional service. I always make sites with admin, and I don't take money for it. The exception is if you don't want to have an admin panel yourself.
A landing page can sell more than just one service/product. Several adjacent positions can confidently "enter" your customers.
Your landing page will be able to accept payments. Although there will most likely not be a shopping cart, you will be able to sell your services/goods in one click.
I can implement any functionality you need for your business on your website. You just need to say about it - and it will work on your site.
If necessary, your landing page can turn into a full-fledged store, a business card site or a hybrid of several types of sites at the same time.
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