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Creating a Business Card Site

Site development is carried out from "scratch" on a "turnkey" basis. You will receive a completely ready-to-advertise site. I will also help with advertising.

from 7 days / from $250
Creating an image
A well-thought-out landing page allows you to make your company, even a small one, quite presentable. This is important in order to stay in the market and prevent competitors from crushing the business.
Inform customers and invite new ones through a convenient online tool
Offer new services, promotions, discounts on your offer
By providing relevant information on the site and having a certain audience on it, you can easily increase the profit of your business by conducting certain promotions, discounts, etc.
Present all the offers and services of your company.
Your company can provide many services, but customers do not know about them? Then inform them accordingly. Show off what your team can do and monetize each skill.

When is a business card website your option?

Ordering a business card site makes sense if it can meet the needs of your business. As if everything is simple. Usually, a business card website is a good tool for individual specialists who want to present their services to as many people as possible. Or, if your company provides a variety of services and you would like to have a convenient resource for informing your customers with up-to-date information.

The business card site can be promoted using SEO and any other tool. Therefore, such a project is able to give additional customers, and not just be an “informer” of your already existing customers, although this is also good and necessary.

Get to know your site better
Encourage the visitor to leave their contacts. You will be able to get additional customers without spending extra money.
All data will be recorded in a table, where you can process them properly and see the dynamics of managers' work, or simply monitor your progress.
The design is developed taking into account the needs and goals of the project, the services that will be presented, and the characteristics of the potential audience.
The site will work equally well on any device, even on a push-button phone, the main thing is that the gadget is online and can access the Internet in general :)
If you wish, I will make it so that absolutely all orders from the site will be duplicated for you on Telegram. Always keep your customers' contacts close at hand.
Some developers like to "sell" it as an additional service. I always make sites with admin, and I don't take money for it. The exception is if you don't want to have an admin panel yourself.
I can implement any functionality you need for your business on your website. You just need to say about it - and it will work on your site.
If necessary, your site can turn into a full-fledged store, catalog or a hybrid of several types of sites at the same time.
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