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CRM for builders

The task is to create a functionality that would allow control of calculations for work/materials in the middle of a construction company. The site allows you to store and process invoices for controlling expenses/wages and more.

The project has many details and subtleties that are not presented in the portfolio, because it does not have time sad

Basic information

  • Creation time: 6 months;
  • Site CMS: WordPress + additional databases and self-written code;
  • Uploading and storing photos/files, etc.
  • Handling of documents
  • The site is mobile responsive;

Adapt how the site looks on different devices

Adapting the site to mobile devices is one of the most important factors in today's online world. That's why I make sure to test the site on different devices.

The result of the work

You can familiarize yourself with the site by looking at the screenshots below. There is a scroll in each block, so look at it properly :)
Projects page
Project page
Payment documents control page
Users page
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