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Asana TM company website

Site for a factory producing cleaning chemicals and detergents

Ordering the creation of a company website is the best solution for its active development. If you want to achieve the maximum return from your business, then it is logical that all people in your city, region, country should know about your services. It is for this purpose that websites are created and promoted in search results.

You can order a company website, the prices of which would be at an affordable level, and not with a request for “all the money in the world”, even without particularly delving into the IT sphere and without spending a lot of precious time on any freelance sites and bulletin boards. An excellent solution that will allow you to order the creation of a company website and not overpay while getting a quality result is to choose the services of a specific developer. The important point is not the studio, but rather the developer, who will do the work on his own, and not seek to resell it through the same freelancer or by dropping off “shacks” to known freelancers for half the price.

My approach in work is only complete and high-quality performance of work without involving the ideas of “reselling” the order. Therefore, my offer is always higher in price/quality ratio than many on the market. Each customer receives only the finished product, after development I teach the customer how to use the site and fully manage it, without “putting him on the needle” of the so-called “support”.

Basic information

  • Creation time: 16 days;
  • Website CMS: WordPress;
  • The site is mobile responsive;
  • Initial SEO optimization was performed;
  • The project was carried out by me "on a turnkey basis"

Adapt how the site looks on different devices

Adapting the site to mobile devices is one of the most important factors in today's online world. That's why I make sure to test the site on different devices.

The result of the work

You can familiarize yourself with the site by looking at the screenshots below. There is a scroll in each block, so look at it properly :)
Main page
Main page of the catalog
Directory category
Product page in the catalog
"News" section
Blog entry / article
Dealers page
Contact page
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