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I create sites to order
создание сайтов под заказ
I create sites to order

I create sites to order

Створюю сайти різної структури, складності та дизайну.

I develop sites of varying complexity. I successfully sell both small one-page and large-scale online stores.

It is probably a common idea for entrepreneurs to order a cheap site. After all, there is not always confidence that a project / idea will “shoot” and bring the expected profits. Therefore, for most business people, high prices for website development are simply unaffordable. Especially if the work is carried out in the mode of “niche inspection”. Given this factor, hiring the services of an entire agency or studio is simply an unrealistic task. In such conditions, a proposal from an individual developer is a worthy solution.

Deciding to order a cheap website from an individual private developer, you get the opportunity to have a dialogue with a specific person who solves your problems. In the case of cooperation with a studio or agency – usually “extreme” is very difficult to find. Therefore, the client is simply told that he is to blame and if he wants to fix something – let him pay extra.

Practice shows that ordering a website from an individual webmaster can be several times cheaper. And this is explained very simply. Many web studios themselves hire remote developers to do the work, and the studio, for its part, simply takes 50% of the cost to itself, thus making the final cost to the client at least 100-200% higher. When choosing to work with a private webmaster, you, as a customer, go directly to the artist, without paying for the studio’s appetites.

Private developers can offer better prices for work for several reasons:

  • no need to rent an office;
  • there are no numerous support staff;
  • there are no utilities for the rented house;
  • you do not need to “bring profit to the owner”, all the money earned remains with the webmaster.

Therefore, ordering a site from an individual programmer is usually several times cheaper than the same site but in a web studio.

I decided to order a cheap site from a private programmer, will it be worse than a studio one?

The answer to this question is above – the studios themselves often delegate work to private performers. Therefore, the site will not differ from the same resource ordered in the web studio. The difference will be only in the amount of money spent on it.

There are many projects on the Internet that have been working successfully for years. However, they are not created by studios, but by private developers.

How to order a site from a programmer and not lose money?

The main sign of reliable cooperation is transparency. If a person has been working in the field for a long time, he has a reputation and wants to develop it.

Here are some signs that the work will develop:

  • the developer willingly discusses the task, offers options and listens to you;
  • if geographically it is possible, he is ready to meet in person without any problems, if you are far away – you can talk on the phone or video;
  • the artist has a portfolio;
  • a freelancer who really works in the field has accounts on profile exchanges and services;
  • the work is done online, often developers write sites on their hosting / domain, where you, as a customer, can see the progress in real time;
  • It is easy to discuss payment issues – divided into several stages, flexibility in payment methods and cost discussion, etc.

If you communicate with a potential executor of your project and see these factors – there is no doubt that the work will be done and no problems will arise.