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Here you can order SEO promotion
заказать сео продвижение, seo
Here you can order SEO promotion

Here you can order SEO promotion

You will be able to get customers from search without additional advertising costs

Before you decide to order SEO promotion, let me give you a little explanation smile

According to SEO, works are divided into permanent and one-time (performed only in the first month of promotion). Therefore, the list will be divided into two parts: “1. One-time “,” 2. Persistent “.

One-time works for the first month:

  • The semantic core of the site (creating the core involves the distribution of keys on the pages according to the relevance of queries and content on them);
  • Redirects from old pages in the index (scanning all existing but already “broken” links and setting their redirect to the appropriate page);
  • SSL-certificate and redirect for the whole site (connection of https certificate and creation of redirect for the whole site);
  • removal of mirrors and duplicate pages (redirect for tracks with “www” and without it);
  • Set up canonical page addresses for search engines.
  • Redirect to page 404 when hitting a non-existent address (creating a 404 page and displaying a list of site URLs in its template for maximum capture of potential visitors);
  • Enable compression and caching of data on the site;
  • Prescribing tags for the correct structure of the site during promotion, so that it does not affect the appearance of the site;
  • Register the site in the Google Search Console (if you already have one – check its settings);
  • Registration of the site (company) in Google Maps;
  • Create and configure a robots.txt file;
  • Prepare and fill sitemap.xml, if the site is on the engine, then configure its formation;
  • Write on the basis of the semantic core for all pages title, description, keywords and h1;
  • In the settings on the hosting, increase the PHP version to 5.4.
  • If there is no content, write and post;
  • Make relinking;
  • Install and remove bread crumbs;
  • Make a micro-layout Schema.org.

The following works are performed on a permanent basis:

  • analysis of site positions by keywords;
  • depending on the information received, search for suitable sites to publish additional quality articles and anchor / anchor links to the site in order to increase page citations as a result of increasing “usefulness of the site” in the eyes of search engines and increase site rankings.
  • adjusting the pages of the site to full compliance and relevance to the queries selected for them;
  • writing and posting articles (up to 10 / month, depending on the number of keywords and competition for each of them);
  • constant control of the technical condition of the site, in case of errors and any problems – delete them as soon as possible;
  • full maintenance of the site (content management), publication or modification of any necessary content client / pages;
  • control and edit relinking for new pages based on their weight and key query competition;
    monitor site performance in the Google Search Console (make necessary changes in case of errors or incorrect links on sites) (links to unfavorable sites may be added by competitors), add to the accelerated indexing of new pages and check their search engine, confirm the uniqueness and copyright of the site ( this allows you to show the work that this site is the primary source of this content, then any that steals the site will be considered in the eyes of the robot copypasteur)). Also, various Google Search Console correspondence is supported by Google to clarify any issues or concerns;

According to forecasts – usually, the results of work with the CEO are visible in 2 – 3 months. However, in some cases, for particularly low-competitive requests and regions, the result can be seen in the first month of work.